【COVID-19 Report of staying at home】

Student ID: 8 digits | Faculty Staff ID: 6 digits 
If you don't have ID number, please enter "999999"

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e.g. keio-taro@example.com


Reason of staying at homerequired

If you have had contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus,please enter the date of the last contact and other details.
If you returned form region for which the infection danger level is at level 3 or above, please specify the country and date you entered Japan.


If you have any symptoms, please enter the date when the symptoms arose

*If you don't have ID number, please enter your affiliation
*Please let us know if you are engaged in group activities such as a gym"Taiiku-kai",a circle group, a training camp and/or a student dormitory resident within a week before the day you started staying at home.
*If your onset of symptoms began within 2 weeks of entering Japan, write the date of entry and the name(s) of the country/countries you visited while abroad.